Nebraska Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is produced as a service to essential businesses in Nebraska

Contact your local Health Department first for distribution.

Our highest priority is serving the Nebraska medical community, first-responders, and community organizations. All other businesses will be now be limited to a one-time, one-gallon request for hand sanitizer as a bridge to other long-term arrangements.

Medical facilities and community support organizations will be able to continue to request multiple quantities as needed. No product will be distributed without a web order. We are attempting to fill all qualified orders, however, healthcare facilities get first priority, followed by essential businesses only.

We reserve the right to delay or cancel order requests.

Ethanol-based sanitizer for the COVID-19 pandemic Nebraska Hand Sanitizer

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Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication, UNL

Beginning in early April, 2020, members of Nebraska's ethanol community began formulating a plan to utilize corn-based ethanol in hand sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer production began April 5 and is in full operation.

Nebraska ethanol plants

Nebraska ethanol plants providing a solution in a time of need. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of ethanol in the production of hand sanitizer. In its pure form, it is 190 proof (95% by volume) alcohol which can kill coronavirus within seconds of contact.

All hand sanitizer produced as part of this project meets FDA guidelines uses the World Health Organization formula for hand sanitizer. Ingredients include 80% alcohol, deionized water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide bitterant.

All ingredients for hand sanitizer produced through this project were donated by Nebraska’s ethanol producers and the companies supply and support our state’s ethanol industry. This effort allows us to provide hand sanitizer free of charge for Nebraska’s medical community as state and local government entities.

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